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The planning of a wedding often is stressful for the bride and groom. First, a date and time for the wedding must be selected.

Next, arrangements for the wedding—including the venue and food served—must be made. Then there is the selection of the dress and flowers. It’s hard enough planning all of this. Mix in having to find good invitations for the wedding, and the process becomes overwhelming.

Invitations that are good and affordable aren’t easy to find,specially homemade free printable wedding invitations. In fact, they’re downright impossible to find at traditional card shops, and especially online.

In the case of the latter, many sites say that they have a lot of great wedding invitations that you can print out online, but many of them are just lying, or charge you a lot of money for these invitations.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a site that offered homemade free printable wedding invitations? Well, you’ve found that site. It’s right here—it’s 4n-invite.com.

4n-invite.com offers to you many great invitations, spanning from birthday cards, to Christmas cards(with holiday verses), to homemade free printable wedding invitations. Why go through the process of making homemade free printable wedding invitations when you can find everything here?

Jennifer and I became engaged two years ago. The planning of the wedding was going well. We had everything figured out, from the flowers to the date to the dresses to the church.

The only time we encountered any trouble was in finding wedding invitations. We didn’t want the traditionally bland cards offered at card shops. Instead, we wanted wedding invitations that had a ‘personal’ touch to them. We thought we would have to spend many hours making these ourselves.

That’s when a newlywed couple that we knew told us about 4n-invite. We had no idea, but they themselves had used 4n-invite for their wedding. The invitations looked so professional, so original that we did not think they were from a web site. We were even more surprised when our friends told us that the invitations were completely free!

So we decided to check out 4n-invite.com. On 4n-invite, we found that we could download invitation templates, a wording idea or a design sample. We quickly and effortlessly found some great wedding invitations on the site, which we ended up sending to our guests. We were extremely pleased with how great the invitations looked. Many of our guests were shocked that we found such great looking invitations for free online.

Recently, we found out that we are due to have our first child. We will definitely be using 4n-invite.com for the baptism invitations!

Whatever you are looking for, we have it. If you want a wording idea, look no further than here. If you want a design sample, you can find it here. Even if you’re not about to get married, and instead want an invitation for a retirement party, we have those ready for you to print out and use.

For us, it’s all about pleasing people—it’s all about offering things that many other sites don’t. Whether that’s wedding invitations, or birthday invitations, or many other types of invitations, that’s what we care about. We want people to feel like they can come here to find whatever invitation they want.

Many sites that are similar to us are only doing it for the money. It might sound cliché, but for us, it’s not about the money—if it were, we’d charge money for our invitations, but we don’t. It is, instead, all about hearing how happy you are when you find something on this site that you really needed.

Be sure to look all around this site. Chances are, you’ll be able to find great invitations for any event you may be planning. If you’re about to get married, take a look at our homemade free printable wedding invitations. It is our hope that you find an invitation that you like.

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