How to Create Carousel Birthday Invitations

Do it Yourself Carousel Birthday Invitations

Many children love the idea of a beautiful carousel, so why not try to merge this concept into a beautiful and delightful birthday invitation for your child.

The best way to do this depends on your exact desires, and how creative you want to be. With doing your own invitations, you are free to be as creative as you wish, which means you can select the size of the invitations you wish.

If you choose to make a full sized carousel invitation that fits onto standard 8 ½” x 11” paper, you have a lot of options for how you can decorate it. With a larger sized invitation, you can include a center graphic with a full and complete carousel, as well as leave room around the sides, or even the corners for additional carousel animals. This would give the overall invitation a great whimsical feel.

If you are choosing to go with a much smaller invitation this is perfectly fine as well, however you will probably not have room for quite as many graphics as you would with a much larger invitation. With a smaller invitation, you should limit the number of pictures, to only one or two. This will keep your invitation from looking cluttered, and still allow a nice whimsical touch.

Carousels are a very whimsical image, which makes them easy to find plenty of great pictures of to use. Once you have scoured the internet and found the perfect pictures you can insert them into your favorite printing program to actually create the invitations. Many parents even allow their children to help in creating the invitations. This is a great way to interact with your child, as well as get their creative input into the template you choose.

You can allow the kids to look around and find the pictures that they like, this saves you time from having to find pictures yourself. One important issue to note on pictures, if they are too small or too large after you have inserted them into your printing program, you can resize the image.

This will allow you to make it larger or smaller based upon your needs so that it fits into the invitation in the way you like, rather than rearranging the other information and pictures around it.

Once you have selected the pictures you wish to use, as well as decided what size you would like your invitations to be, you can start picking out your font. Carousels tend to bring to mind, bright cheery music, and good times.

In order to fit together well choose a big bold font, even one with a script type feel to it in a bright color. Feel free to experiment with different colors until you find the perfect combination. Because of the playfulness of a carousel, you can play with tons of colors and have a very brightly decorated card, without it looking bad at all.

If for some reason you choose to go with a standard font, in only black ink the carousel theme should still look wonderful because it would have a more simplistic look.

Either choice is fine and gives you a lot of flexibility to personalize the invitations for your exact needs, rather than having to deal with an invitation for your child that is not quite, what you wanted, or had in mind. With a great printing program, you can create all of your invitations in less than a night and enjoy a more personal touch, plus save a lot of money.

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