How to Create Disney Birthday Invitations

Do it Yourself Disney Birthday Invitations

Many children and parents alike all enjoy Disney movies. The sheer magic of the movies creates the perfect opportunity for a wonderful themed birthday party including invitations.

With so many movies and characters to choose from you, have plenty of special material to work with, from Princesses, to genies, even to kings and animals there is a Disney movie that is sure to enchant your little one.

If you are creating invitations for a boy’s birthday party you can look at movies such as Little Nemo, Monsters Inc, Robin Hood, or even Peter Pan are a perfect match. With plenty of great Disney movies that appeal to boys, you are sure to find the perfect match for your kid’s party. If you have a child who loves animals you can usually find a lot of great animal themes as well.

Disney Birthday Invitations

For animal themed parties you have several choices, such as Little Nemo, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and even Bambi just to name a few. This means that you have a lot of options to find the perfect theme for your child’s birthday. This makes plenty of opportunities to find the great theme your child likes.

If you have a little girl, there are great movies such as Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, and even Beauty and the Beast to choose from. With dozens of great movies to choose from geared towards girls there is plenty that you will be able to do to create the perfect invitation. Once you have selected your theme for the party, you can begin creating the invitations.

Start looking for some great pictures that match your theme, this gives you a lot of flexibility to find the perfect picture that you and your child agree on.

With your picture selected, you can now begin looking for great fonts to match your style. If you choose to go with an animal themed Disney invitation, you can look forward to several small pictures on the invitation without making it seem too crowded.

If you are going with a theme such as Snow White, you should be able to use several pictures of the dwarfs as well as Snow White and have a great looking invitation.

If you are using something such as the Lion King, then you would only need to use one or two pictures so that you keep from having the invitation look very cluttered. Select a great font that will match your pictures as well.

If you are going with a Disney theme for girls, then you would want to look for a font that is a script style. Script style fonts have a more girlish appearance and tie into the invitation very nicely. If the invitation is for a boy’s party then you might want to consider a blockier font style. This would allow a much more fitting style and appearance than a script font.

Once you have selected your picture and font style, you can look to the perfect font color to really give your invitation a completed look.

Many people choose to use standard black ink, however you can feel free to experiment with different colors until you find something that fits in perfectly for the style invitation that you are looking for. Once you have picked the perfect font color you can really finish the entire invitation by selecting a great choice of paper.

Whether you choose a full-sized 8 ½” x 11” page or a smaller invitation there are numerous paper choices, which will allow you to really customize the invitations.

Disney Birthday Invitations

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Once you have selected all of the elements for your invitations, you can insert them into your favorite printing program to create your child’s dream invitations. Whether complex or simple you will have a lot of fun creating the perfect invitation and since Disney has so many movies you have a lot of choices to choose from to find that perfect theme.

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