How to Create Mickey Mouse Invitations

Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Invitations

Mickey Mouse is a beloved character by children both young, and young at heart. It is a wonderful selection for a birthday theme as well which gives it a distinctive edge over other characters.

With a huge appeal to many age groups, you are sure to find that everyone loves Mickey. Whether you prefer the newer Mickey Mouse or the older classical Mickey there is a mouse that is sure to win the heart of your children.

If you are looking into making your own Mickey Mouse invitations, you have chosen a great project. There are tons of pictures that you can choose from; this gives you a great selection. From Mickey in a serious mood, to Mickey having a blast you are sure to find the perfect picture to accompany your Mickey Mouse invitations.

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Create your own Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation !

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If you are determined to do a Mickey Mouse invitation then you can consider focusing your font selection around a black or red ink color, with a blocky font style.

This fits in very well with the overall attitude and appearance of the character and will provide a great overall theme and flow to the invitations. If you are choosing to go with a younger type of Mickey Mouse, you could even consider a light pastel color.

Your choice of font will likely be based upon the exact picture you choose. If you select a very fun looking picture, you could also consider using a script style text and it would look very nice. Overall make sure that it is very easy to read, and not too small.

For the best results, select only one picture for the interior of the invitations, and only one small picture for the exterior, or outer cover of the cards. This will limit the number of distractions that you have to contend with.

For a great looking Mickey Mouse invitation, you really want to limit the number of pictures, remember the character is a very simple one, and you should not overload the invitation with too many images.

Children and adults alike both tend to enjoy the more simple and classic style of a single image when Mickey Mouse is concerned. Add to this that it takes less time to design an invitation with only one image and you have just saved yourself a ton of time.

If you choose, you could even select a picture of Mickey Mouse together with Minnie Mouse, or even a combination of Mickey Mouse and Pluto together.

Both would be acceptable images that would tie in very nicely to a Mickey Mouse themed birthday and allow a very nice as well as friendly touch to the invitations. Remember, since the party is for children you want to make sure that the invitation is printed easy enough for them to read.

As you more forward in selecting the perfect birthday invitations in your beautiful Mickey Mouse template you can be assured that you will have a lot of fun. Saving time and money, these great invitations leave you completely in control over how they look, and gives you the flexibility to change them multiple times before you are fully satisfied.

Even if you dislike the first design you do, you can easily change the font color, placement of text, or even the picture until you find the perfect match for your child and their party.

With a classically loved cartoon such as Mickey Mouse, you are sure to enjoy your party. Start the party off to the right foot with some great decorations that are designed with you and your children in mind. These great invitations are also simple to create and much cheaper than purchasing copies from a retail invitation store.

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