How to Create Tinker Bell Birthday Invitations

Do it Yourself Tinker Bell Birthday Invitations

If your little girl loves the idea of Disney and especially princess toys and movies then a Tinker Bell party could be just perfect.

With a Tinker Bell party comes a need for some great Tinker Bell invitations that are sure to win any little girls heart. From fairy tales to magical dreams little girls love almost anything that is in pastel colors.

For the perfect Tinker Bell invitation make sure you choose very soft colors, such as a baby blue, or soft pink, purple or even green. Do not use bright, bold colors because then poor Tinker Bell could end up looking washed out. Always try to coordinate the colors as much as possible to ensure the best looking result.

To create your invitations you will first need to find a picture of Tinker Bell that you like. This can be as simple as searching on the internet for a picture that you choose. Once you find the perfect picture to use, make sure you save it carefully onto your computer. It might be a good idea to hide the picture, especially if you are trying to surprise your child so that it is not found, or accidentally deleted before you are ready to use it.

Once you have the picture you want, you can use a printing program to design your invitation. For the font styles, typically something very fun, or a script type font looks wonderful for this style of invitation. This ties the entire invitation together into a very girlie appearance that most little kids really love. If you need help coming up with a great design, you can always search the internet.

You can usually find dozens of invitations in the style you want so that you can find some ideas that you can consider. You may even discover that you like three or even four different invitations and you end up trying to combine the various elements into one invitation. This is something that is quite common and a lot of people do this. You may even discover you do not like at all the invitations that are available.

If you are creating your own invitations you have a blank template to work with, you can decide upon the exact size of your invitation yourself, while most invitations are small, feel free to be creative and even create some much larger invitations.

The choice is up to you what size to choose, you can often be much more creative with a full sized piece of paper as the invitation. For example with Tinker Bell you could put a picture of a pirate ship, or even the tree house as well for decorations. This would be virtually impossible on a much smaller card.

If you are inviting smaller children who are just learning to read, it would also be a good idea to choose a much simpler font that is perhaps larger, however if it is for older kids, such as 9 years old and older, then a smaller more graceful font will look much better. This also should impact your color choice; smaller children have a harder time reading some of the font colors.

While most children will give the invitation to their parents, they still enjoy trying to read the invitations themselves, so a simpler and easier font to read makes the children feel more important and is a small touch that helps a lot.

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Create your own Tinker Bell Birthday Invitations !

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While creating your own Tinker Bell invitations you are sure to have fun being as creative as you wish. There are so many options that you can choose from, so you can have a ton of fun creating the perfect invitation. You can also enjoy picking out the color of the paper you want to create the perfect theme for the entire invitation.

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