How To Make Tea Cup Invitations

Do it Yourself Tea Cup Invitations

If you need to know how to make a tea cup invitation, you might want to pick a template and bring your own picture or clip-art to place in the template to create a tea cup invite.

It is actually easy to create your own invitation no matter how unusual it may be. Designing it is easy and using your own wording to make it even more personalized is such a nice touch. Here at 4n-invite we want everything you do to go smoothly as possible.

The idea of how to make tea cup invitations intimidates some of us, but with the easy to use template and the directions are so understandable, you can make a special invitation for that special occasion.

It is not unusual for any of us to go to the local card shop and find nothing we want. Now you can find just the right invitation because you are designing it yourself.

tea cup party invitation sample

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