Invitation to a Thanksgiving Play

How to find a good Thanksgiving play invitation

Thanksgiving is not exactly one of my favorite holidays but my wife really loves it and likes assembling a play every year.

This year though it was more special for me because it was the first year since we had married and she asked me if I could make the invitations for the play.

I believe she did that also considering the fact that I like designing different things in my free time. However, I was sitting on my desk, trying to think of something original and good, something which will make her happy and she will like.

I made a few attempts but nothing seemed good enough. So I decided to look on the internet for a few ideas and I was surprised by the fact that not only that I did find ideas but I found already made Thanksgiving play invitations for free at 4n-invite.

Even though I did not have to pay for them, which makes you think that they cannot be good, I browsed for a little bit and I liked pretty much all of them. There was one though which stood out because it resembled what I was trying to make before that. My wife really loved it too.

Michael, NJ

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