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I am a single mom with a lovely daughter who celebrated her first birthday just last week.

I don’t know how much she understood about what happened last week or how much of it she will remember. Of course, I took a lot of pictures during the party and that would be a reminder of the great time all of us had on behalf of her. I had sent an invitation to all my friends using wordings which I found in this site which said:

I invite you all to the birthday party of my dear daughter.I look forward to meeting you all for this wonderful occasion.

Single mom,
Juliet Crawford, UT

My girlfriend and I decided to fix our wedding for the Christmas season. As soon as the date was fixed, we started hunting for the right invitation wordings that we needed to print our wedding cards. We came across this wonderful site which had a lot of great samples that we could immediately print. We chose one wording that went like this:

We invite you all for our wedding this weekend.
We need your prayers, blessings and most of all your presence during the ceremony.

Handsome groom
Peter Wellington, DE

I wanted to select a nice piece of wording for my graduation invitation. I went through a lot of samples from a variety of sources. Then I also browsed online through a number of websites that had graduation invitation samples. Then I came across this site which had a wonderful invitation wording which read:

I have finished college. I am graduating next week.
Kindly be there for my graduation ceremony and share my joy.

Stacey Simpson, ID

I wanted to get a good invitation wording for my son’s baptism ceremony. We had a lot of relatives and friends that we needed to invite for the occasion. So I wanted to choose a wording that was apt and eloquent. So I browsed online when I came across this site which had this wording which went like this:

Our son is being baptized this Sunday.
We invite you all to be a part of this important and meaningful ceremony.

Proud father
Rufus Williams, DC

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