Land Before Time Birthday Invitations

Land Before Time Birthday Invitations-Unique Movie Themed Birthday Cards

My friend is a big fan of animated action adventure movies so I decided to create special land before time birthday invitations which is one of his all-time favorites.

I needed to find a template that would attract any movie lover and would look good to all the visitors who were attending the birthday party celebrations.

Some dedicated websites on the internet had lots of designs and stills from this animated feature that could be used as the background.

I selected one and made some style oriented changes to give a more subtle look to unique movie themed birthday cards. The invitations that I was creating were also printable so they could be easily distributed using the computer.

Plenty of clipart features were also available online that helped me put on a more personal touch to the card. Adding a funny verse to celebrate my friend’s movie mania, I had finally completed the card. The credit goes to the website for helping me create land before time birthday invitations that ended up being the subject of discussion among the guests.

Stephen Kendrick, OH

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