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Exotic Luau birthday invitations

I used this wonderful website to make invitations for the birthday of my wife Karen just a little while ago.

It was her 40th birthday and I wanted to make something special for her, namely a Luau theme birthday, since 40th birthdays are a big deal and I knew it would make her happy. She always loved Hawaiian and tropical related things, and this is why I decided to go with this theme.

I looked for a long time in shops and paper stationary stores for Luau birthday invitations but I couldn't find any. The truth is that I also hate shopping and I lost my patience quite fast. This is how I decided to look online instead for the Luau birthday invitations.

After browsing for a while I found this website, and I really liked what I saw, in fact this was the first website that cough my attention. There were a lot of testimonials saying how great the website was, because it gives you the possibility to upload your own text, verses, poems, songs or whatever you want, and even add your own images, photos or graphics to the invitation. So basically you can create your own personalized invitations very fast and for free.

Usually websites with good testimonials are much more easy to trust, and all the testimonials I read about it were true: I would write the same thing now that I tried it! This is also why I took advantage of these free invitations that can be printed and created a Luau birthday invitations with a wonderful design, using photos I found on the website.

Luau Birthday Invitation

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Needless to say my wife loved the birthday party and the Luau birthday invitations ans she was very curious how I made it. Thank you for the great free invitations! I will surely use this website again!

James, OH

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