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Ok! If you have decided, let’s take a trip to Hawaii. Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party; it reminds one of Hawaiian beach, dances and islands. It’s a wonderful party theme for lazy summer, and a good way to cool off with friends.

You can set the party in a lawn or even your backyard. Arrange for artificial palms, music, trees and décor suited for island theme. Hurry up! Download and print free luau theme part invitations from our site and send them at least a week in advance to your friends.

Mention the theme and dress code on the invitations to inform them about your idea. Arrange for lot of beach fun games and activities to get the real feel. Arrange for grilled appetizers and food, so even if you are not in Hawaii everything goes with the right mood of the party.

If you do not have a pool simply shower water on the guest with a hose or sprinkle water from hose from time to time in the party as if facing waves. Don’t worry about what you don’t have, use and enjoy what you have? So, just sing halleluiah! And enjoy the party.Our website has striking and unique templates for several themes. Even if you don’t like one you can always go for other alternatives.

You just spend time selecting and printing the cards, you can even add personal touch to your invitations by adding scheduled games and activities for the party. Our free luau theme party invitations are designed keeping in mind our users and their taste.

Luau Theme Party Invitations

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