Lunch Invitation Examples

Look at some stylish lunch invitation examples on this site.

Last summer I decided to gather some of family members I love the most and prepare lunch for them.

It was very annoying to call all of them over the phone so I came to an idea to send them invitations with some nice wording.

At the beginning, I didn't know how my invitations are going to look so I sat in my favorite chair, placed my laptop in the lap, and started browsing the Web.

To be honest, I found number of different sites offering various lunch invitation examples. I liked many of them but when I reached this –I freely may say perfect site, I simply fell in love with it. I read so nice articles and so lovely examples for writing invitations here.

Realizing that I have found exactly what I was looking for I stopped my further search. Here, on this wonderful site, I discovered many free printable templates.

I would be very delighted
If you could come and join me
For a luncheon
On (date and time)
At (address)
RSVP (name and details)

If you are by any chance determined to organize some kind of private party, you may find invitations for that occasion here. I was very surprised when I saw what this site is offering, and all these invitations are so cute and unforgettable. All of them give a tone of sophistication; all invitations are made with lot of love and creativity.

lunch invitation example

Create your own Lunch Invitation !

See free sample of invitation here!

Beside private party invitations and luncheon invitation examples, I discovered many business luncheon invitation examples. So, those who are organizing business lunch will find invitations here.

In appreciation of another
Successful year,
(Company name)
Invites you to join us
For Luncheon and Drinks
On (date and time)
At (address)

(Company name)
Cordially invites you
To Luncheon
On (date and time)
At (address)

N. Morales, NJ

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