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Start enjoying math with entertaining math brain teasers

Math is the darkest nightmare for most of the people. And I really mean nightmare: my sister, even if she is a doctor now, keeps dreaming that she has her math exams and fails.

Math is like the scary Boogie Man for grown ups: impossible to chase it away and very hard to confront it. Well, I just have discovered that it doesn’t have to be like this. Math can be enjoyable if you learn few tricks about it.

If you want to stop having a miserable life because of math, you can enter the world of math brain teasers and make your life nicer. You can even end up enjoying math, if you see it like a game.

The best way to start the road that leads to enjoying math is admitting that you don’t know too much about it and have some math brain teasers for kids. Here is an example. Bugs Bunny and the Turtle have a 63 miles championship, but they start from opposed directions. Bugs Bunny can run 8 miles/hour, while the Turtle can run only 1 mile/hour.

They both start running at 2 P.M. Question: How many miles does Bugs Bunny have to run before he meets the Turtle? If you are smart you can use the distance equals speed multiplied with time formula. If not, you can start counting the 63 squares on a math paper like I did. Either ways, you will get the right answer (56 miles in this case). The difference is how much you work trying to find the right answer. And don’t forget, this is a math brain teaser for kids!

One of the most popular brain teasers is the Sudoku puzzle. I have to admit that I am not that advanced in order to be able to solve such a puzzle, I am still at the kids math level, but by reading its rules, it seems to be quite captivating. Besides Sudoku, geometry and arithmetic puzzles can’t wait to be solved either.

Don’t be afraid to start discovering the world of math. After all, the entire Universe works based on mathematical and physical laws. Few math brain teasers will surely do you good and help you understand more about the world that surrounds you!

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