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Recently, my friend Ross, obtained most of the ideas here for the thirteenth birthday party of his son, Ronald. They decided to have the party with a medieval theme.

Everything, the decorations, the attire for the guests, the party games, the dinner, and the party favors had a medieval touch, taking the guests back by about six to seven hundred years in time. Some guests looked like monks, others like knights with their armor and coat of arms. Some ‘fair ladies’ added quite a bit of interest to the party.

A medieval murder mystery, the joint creation of Ross and Ronald, was played out. As a few of the guests had been given their parts in advance, they had come fully prepared, to make the play a success. Then, some time was spent on ‘medieval musical chairs’.

Pictures of medieval items were attached to the chairs arranged in a circle and some old music was played for the game. The guests and in particular the children had some good fun. Replicas of medieval costumes were given away as party favors.

Medieval Party Invitations

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Enjoy with us the medieval times,
With lots of gongs and sweet chimes!

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