Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations

Easy way to create Mickey Mouse birthday invitations

Mickey Mouse is probably the most famous cartoon character of all time.

He is also a household name all over the world, in all cultures. Both young and old relate to him and have a special bond with this endearing character.

My uncle who recently celebrated his 50th birthday grew up in the days of Mickey Mouse’s rise to fame. As a kid, he was so fond of Mickey that he thought of him as a real person, much like other kids his age.

So, all of his nephews and nieces decided to have Mickey Mouse as the theme for his birthday. We even sent out Mickey Mouse birthday invitations to invite all his friends and relatives for the special occasion.

It was quite a novel idea to use Mickey Mouse as the theme for an adult’s birthday party. But for people who have become fond of the character, age is really no bar. We knew that at any age, our uncle would still be very fond of Mickey Mouse.

So we confidently went ahead with our plans to have this theme for the birthday. And as expected, our uncle just loved it. He was really touched that we were so thoughtful, but amused to have his favorite childhood character as the theme for the birthday.

I wanted to create some really nice looking invitation cards for inviting his friends and relatives for this occasion. So I used this very useful site to design the cards for the event. I had some really good pictures of Mickey Mouse which I wanted to use on the invitation cards.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations

Create your own Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations !

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The site allowed me to freely customize the Mickey Mouse birthday invitations to my preference. I was also able to put my own wordings for the invitation cards and have them printed immediately.


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