Office Farewell Party

Ideas for Office Farewell Party

If you have a colleague who spent a long period with you working in the same office and now the time has come for him to change the job and move to another state, throwing the farewell party would be a great opportunity to show him how much you appreciate him.

Planning the perfect theme for this party ensures your colleague leaves with lot of nice memories of the time you have spent together in the same office.

In order to organize a successful party, first you have to know your colleagues interests or his hobbies so you can use it as a theme for the party. If for example, your co-worker's hobby is hunting or fishing than you should center your entertainment around fishing or hunting themes.

After you choose the party space, you should turn to the decorating the same. You can ask each guest to bring a fishing rod, baits and all other accessories necessary for fishing and place them in the party space. Also you can prepare seafood and make a fish-shaped cake.

A book of notes from all co-workers will also be a very interesting part of a party. Ask all the honoree's coworkers to write a personal note each and give the book to the guest of honor at the end of the party. This book will remind him of old office and old colleagues.

Farewell invitation

Choosing a theme for the office farewell party is the most important part of it. If the selected theme matches the person's is who is leaving interests and his future life, than the party will certainly be great success. With some creativity, the party will stay in the honoree's memory for a long time.

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