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Party invitation wording samples - something special and very interesting.

Have you ever heard of someone who doesn't like any kind of party? I haven't.

My opinion is that most people enjoy going to parties and many of them love preparing the same.

Overall, we adore parties. Whether you are planning wedding party or birthday party or you find any other reason to prepare a party one thing is very important.

That is party invitations. What makes invitations special is wording and wording style depends on your imagination and your style. You can write formal invitations with simple words but still interesting, or you can create less formal or informal invitations where you can use any words you like.

If you are more creative or if you are a poet you can add some poems or lyrics of your favorite song or even quotes from the movie you like the most. Simply you can write anything you are able to think of.

When it comes to prepare a party, first you have to decide what type of party you are making. Different parties require different party invitations and at the same time different party invitation wording samples.

You can search many sites looking for some party invitation wording samples but our offer is something special and very interesting. Besides the party invitation wording samples our hardworking team created, you can read what our visitors have written and submitted in order to share their ideas with others.

Jeremy Smith and Mary Williams
Invite you to share in their happiness and love
On their wedding day

Day, date, time

This is one of many informal wedding invitation sample wording that can be found here on our site. Of course, you can add any text you like, any text that reflects your style.

Graduation is a significant event and as such should be celebrated. Graduation announcement is a perfect way to inform those you love about your or your child's achievement and to gather your family and friends to enjoy your success together with you.

We are pleased to announce
The graduation of our son
Tom Harrison
We invite you to share in
Our happiness

Day, date, time

I received this sample graduation announcement wording when my dear friend's son graduated. There are many other samples. What words you are going to use is up to you and your personality. Your graduation announcement wording can be less formal and you can add your photo and make your announcement more interesting.

If you are planning a baby shower party then you should think of perfect baby shower invitation wording. These wordings must be cute and whimsical as the occasion is cute itself. When writing invitations you must pay attention to write certain basics such as who, when, where and how your baby shower will be held. Besides these formal words you can use poems to express yourself in an invitation.

Here are some baby shower invitation samples wording:

Please, join us in celebrating the expected arrival of baby girl.

A new baby boy is on the way
Let's celebrate with a special day.

You are invited to join us for baby shower in honor of expectant mother.

Do you think that we can't offer anything else. Well you are wrong. If you are preparing rehearsal dinner you will need invitations. We have those too. On our site, you will find not only rehearsal dinner invitation sample wording but you will see that we can offer something for every age and taste. Not only younger people can find what they need, the older generation can find something for their celebrations like sample wording 50th birthday wording.

Barbara Addison, NY

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