Press Conference Invitation Example

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I visit this site very often whenever I have a reason to prepare celebrations. Or I wish to invite my close friends and family members to lunch or dinner or I organize something else like business lunch or press conference as I did last month.

My boss wanted to hold press conference and asked me to write invitations for journalists. For the first time I didn't know what to do. Where should I start? What shall I write? I asked myself a million questions. I was very confused since I have never written press conference invitations before.

Somehow, I managed to calm and thought for a while. An idea came to my mind. Look on the Internet! A light in my head blinked. And I did it. I looked on the Internet, found this excellent site, and saw many interesting things.

I found lot of free printable templates, number of well-written and unique wordings, many sayings, quotes etc. There is so much to see on this site. If you visit it, you will convince yourself if you doubt my words.

(Company name)
Will hold press conference
On (date and time)
At (address)
We will be delightful
If you could attend.

Press Conference Invitation Example

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Press conference invitations are very important when organizing press conference. These invitations should include all necessary facts that journalists need to know and also, they should include any additional information that will convince them to attend since press conferences are suitable to mark some major events or to announce some important news.

So fell free, browse this site and find what you need.

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