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The purpose of printable brain teasers

My best friend used to make fun of the people having always the crossword book with them while travelling by train. S

he couldn’t understand what is so captivating about that stupid game and promised never to waste time in this way. That was before she went roller-skating with her boyfriend one beautiful spring day.

They were messing around in the local park and got a free newspaper from an old man. She had that time a really smart boyfriend that always had a pen in his jacket so they started solving the crossword.

And the next day I went with her buying crossword books because she felt really ashamed the other day not knowing to say at least one correct word for the game. Let me tell you, she is now pretty good at it; she could almost beat her boyfriend at this game and the best of all, she is crazy about brain teasers! However, purchasing brain teaser books has become nowadays pretty expensive and since we life in the century of the technological advance, why shouldn’t we get our brain fitness games from the Internet?

There are plenty of web sites that offer the printable version of the brain teasers. And in this way, you can always have a crossword paper with a back-up plan for the unexpected boring hours that occur at work or at school! The printable brain teasers offer you the possibility to keep your brain in shape everywhere at any time you want and you can print the same riddle our puzzle as many times you want until you find the right answer.

So let me challenge you a little bit. Yesterday, while walking across the Danube Bridge, I saw on the river an imposing boat full with nice dressed people. And yet there was not a single person on it. How is that possible? They were all married, weren’t they? This was pretty simple; I remember my grandfather telling this riddle to my sisters, but let’s make things a little bit more complicated. “I am an insect; half of my name reveals the name of another tiny creature. A very famous musician had the name similar to mine’s.

What can I possibly be?” Still too simple, isn’t it? Everybody knows that this insect is a beetle. Ok, then what do all the people on the Earth do at the same time?

We all grow old at the same time, and for that reason, we all have to make some time for brain teasers in order to keep our mental health and chase ailments like dementia and Alzheimer away. Printable brain teasers cost you nothing and they boost your intelligence every time you spend few minutes trying to find the right answer to them.

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