Samples of a Graduation Invitation

Choosing the perfect samples of graduation invitation.

Graduation is very important moment in our lives whether we are talking about high school or college.

It is so exciting event that we all wish to share this moment with those who helped us goal this achievement and with those who gave us all support possible.

Since you have worked very hard to achieve your graduation this means that you must celebrate such great achievement. You should be proud of that and it is obvious that you will share your happiness with people you matter.

Then all you have to do is to make a celebration in honor of your success. Writing graduation invitation is significant part of preparing this kind of ceremony and at the same time, it should be done very carefully and with lot of love.

No matter if your child graduated from high school or college we can offer you sample of a graduation invitation, which must reflect the style and personality of your child.

You must be aware of the fact that your child has achieved tremendous success and it is something very big in his life something that he/she will be proud of and certainly, they expect deserved ceremony. That is why graduation invitations are extremely important. Choosing the perfect sample of graduation invitation is not as easy as it looks like.

However, we will not disappoint you. We will give you the ability to enjoy reading our samples of graduation invitations hoping that you will be one of many our visitors who were very satisfied when searched our web site.

Mr. and Mrs. Porter are very proud to announce the graduation of their son Jeffry Harrison from High School (name of the school).
We invite you to share in our joy at day, date, time, and place.


With great pride I Elena Silver, announce my graduation from High School and invite you celebrate with me on day, date, time, and place.

Here are some samples graduation announcements wording which can vary according to your style, mood, or personality. You can add any text you like and make them sound more interesting or elegant.

On the other side, if you have graduated from college we have samples graduation announcements for college too.

We are eternally proud to announce the graduation of our daughter Melissa Parker from the college (name of the college).
This achievement will be celebrated at Graduation Party on day, date, time, and place.

Instead of simple and formal wording, you can use some nice verses or poems thus making your graduation announcements unique and impressive. Graduation verses will inspire your family and dear friends and they will be even more proud with your excellent achievement.

We are proud to say that we have those verses too. Here you will find verses that just say all that you wish to say in a few wonderful words.

I have attended the goal in my life
With great happiness, I announce the graduation from (school name)
Come to celebrate together
On day, date, time and place

This is the sample verses graduation announcement I have read when my sister's daughter graduated from high school. It was simple but yet very elegant and guess where did she find these verses. Here on our new web site.

There are a lot of other different samples, poems, and verses that you can use for graduation invitations. Maybe they will give you idea and inspiration to create your own and if you do so you can always submit your creations so other visitors can see. I hope that every person can find what he is searching for.

Melinda Muller, NJ

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