Spa Invitation Wording Verse

Unique Spa Invitation Wording Verse

It’s summer time. My friend Leslie wanted to host a poolside party with the intention of pampering her two daughters along with their girl-friends providing facilities for manicures, pedicures, facials and also giving them an opportunity to display their favorite spa attire.

The first thing she did for this was to scout for hot ideas for spa invitation wording verses. She looked at several creative verses and cheap invitations.

As luck would have it, she found a good one without much effort. It suited her because she wanted her guests to find at the spa a great way to enjoy themselves, relaxing as much as they would like to.

Leslie’s choice of one of the best spa invitation wording verses was a topic for discussion among the guests, while they spent their time soaking themselves in the pool and relaxing. They also discussed the colorful spa attire of the girls.

Most of them eyed the gift bags lined up on a corner table. Their bathrobes that Leslie gave them were also something they took away after the party with considerable appreciation.

The girls had accepted the invitation to sleepover. Leslie had made very good arrangements for everyone to feel at home. At the end of it all, Leslie was no doubt tired, but happy that the arrangements were exactly what the guests wanted them to be.

Spa Invitation

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The girls spent quite some time looking at themselves and at their friends, adjusting their hair, their clothes and their trinkets; and that was the point of Leslie’s arrangements.

Among the spa invitation wording verses that Leslie had considered, the one she finally chose for this occasion was unquestionably the best.

We have arranged a great way to relax,
You would be enjoying the spa to your max!

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