Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Invitations

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Invitations- Unique Invitations for Birthday Girls

Girls love special themes on their birthdays and my friend told me to make strawberry shortcake birthday invitations for her daughter.

Always eager to take up a challenge, I thought about the various ways to approach the entire scenario.

The sweetness and delicious craving of the shortcake had to reflect on the cards as well, making sure that the guests knew about the primary theme of the birthday.

After considering several unique invitations for birthday girls, I went online to search for some suitable materials that might help me out.

The first thing that I noticed was the fact that there were a few quality websites dedicated to such special themes. When I looked for strawberry shortcake birthday invitations, I got to see some sample ideas that helped me think in a better fashion. I used the image of beautiful shortcake to serve as the backdrop of the card, making sure that it was of the right size and placed on the right position.

Now that the basic layout was complete, I had to make sure that the styles and fonts were perfect to capture the lovable dessert flavor. Thankfully, there were plenty of options regarding unique invitations for birthday girls available in my hands.I softened up the color palette to give it a creamier and gentle texture, deciding to go with special fonts on the side.

After some searching, I found out some really sweet quotes that captured the essence of the birthday in a nice and delicate style. Once everything fell into place, my unique invitations for birthday girls were ready to be printed in batches. Guests loved the design and thought behind the card and my friend’s daughter could not have enough of the theme.

Strawberry Shortcake birthday invitation

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Looking back, I am really glad that I found a website like, which allowed me to have a single platform where I could perform all the steps required to make strawberry shortcake birthday invitations extremely easily.

Martha Jennings, AK

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