Surprise Birthday Invitations

Fun surprise birthday invitations

Wow, great website for free printable invitations, and they are so easy to personalize too!

I love it and my son loves it! I was told about this website at work, where one of my colleges organized a party and uploaded some silly fun photos to create the invitations.

I got the idea to upload my own photo with my son for his next birthday, because actually we have our birthdays in the same month! Thanks for the idea and for the great invitations! I always wanted to celebrate my birthday together with my son, and creating these surprise birthday invitations was the best thing I did lately.

I made the surprise birthday invitations at work on this website to keep it a secret from my son, while my wife was planning the details of the party. If you use this website to create your own personalized invitations, you should know that is is very easy to use it and it only takes a little while. I hate going to shops looking for invitations and than spending a lot of money on them. Here I found exactly what I was looking for, which helped me spare so much time.

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Create your own Surprise Birthday Invitation !

See free sample of invitation here!

If you need some invitations to a surprise party, well make the invitations a surprise as well! Creating a fun invitation can be just as great and can cause just as much happiness as the surprise party itself. By the way if you go to shops to buy some silly cards it won't be the same: here on this website you can upload your own photo and add your own text! Just imagine what fun surprise birthday invitations you can get that way! I am sure I will use this website again for other types of invitations as well.

George, NY

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