Tea Party Invitation Wording Verse

Unique Tea Party Invitation Wording Verse

Ahh…..the tea party. For generations, millions of kids(and grown-ups, too!) have hosted their own tea party. Sometimes the people invited are stuffed animals, while other times, kids or grown-ups want to invite friends or family to their tea party.

Whatever the case is, in addition to actually planning what will be done at the party(besides serving tea), the person planning it must also have good looking tea party invitations to send out.

For whatever reason, you can’t find tea party invitations at traditional card shops. It’s a shame, as tea parties are incredibly popular. Most web sites don’t even offer tea party invitations, leading those who are planning the parties to become frustrated.

You’re probably one of those "frustrated" people. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on here. 4n-invite.com is different from every card shop, every other site. We actually DO offer invitations. Not only that, but we offer to you a free printable tea party invitation. Not just one free printable tea party invitation, but quite a few.

Perhaps you’re wondering why we offer tea party invitations when most other people don’t. Well, it’s because the creators of these invitations, Nino, Nina and their kids Nio and Nia became frustrated when they couldn’t find invitations for people to come to their tea party. Said Nina:

“The kids were happy to plan a tea party for all of their friends. They badly wanted cool looking tea party invitations. Unfortunately, no one offered any tea party invitations.

Needless to say, the kids, Nino and I were all quite disappointed with the lack of tea party cards. We decided at that point that if we couldn’t find them ourselves, we’d start making them.

The kids got out all of their crayons and colored pencils/markers and began to create colorful invitations. Nino and I also created some invitations.

We handed them out to family and friends, all of whom were impressed with the look of the invitations. They wanted us to make some tea party invitations for them!

After hearing how happy they were with the invitations, we decided to start offering them for free to other people. The easiest way to do this was to simply put them on a web site specifically for invitations. That web site is known as 4n-invite.com.

Since then, thousands of people have downloaded our invitations—many of them have downloaded a birthday tea party invitation or simply a tea party invitation copy. We’re happy to see so many people are happy with our creations.”

Here at 4n-invite.com, you can find different kinds of invitation cards. You can download invitation templates, find a wording idea or design sample. You can also find Christmas cards complete with holiday verses, and a homemade invitation card.

We have tea party invitations for both adults and kids. You can find a Children’s tea party invitation wording idea, or you can print out any existing invitation on this site. All invitations are completely free to print and use, and every one of them is of high quality—unmatched by any other site on the internet.

One of the best parts about the site, besides, of course, the fact that everything is free, is that all the invitations are neatly categorized together. There is no need for you to search all over the site just for one invitation—they are grouped together by the type and style of invitation, making it easy for you to find what you want as quickly as possible.

Tea parties are fun. Finding tea party invitations should be easy, and that’s exactly what we’ve set out to do. We hope you enjoy everything that you find on this site, and we hope you find a free printable tea party invitation that you love.

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