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If the only prayer you said in your whole life is ‘thank you’ it holds good for all that you never uttered. Be thankful for every thing, no please!

We are not suggesting that you set records for being humble. But a few words of appreciation won’t hurt. When we think of sending thank you greetings, it’s vital that you write what the recipient wants to hear from you.

There are tons of events you could be thankful for birthdays, anniversary, housewarming party, job etc. the list goes on. The only noteworthy part of the thank you card is that you connect to that person with your feelings.

Trust us we have such designs waiting for your words to make unique thank you cards at 4n-invite. Browse our free printable cards sample, scribble a few thanking lines and it’s an amazing free thank you card.

We assure you it will not disappoint you. We can display a free printable thank you card sample for your convenience. Like if you want a sympathy thank you card, choose a simply designed card and add on a few lines on your own it would go like-

Dear __________

I was going through a tough phase. My world had just slipped from my hands and ended.

But when I saw you there standing beside me, I felt as if you were godsend to support me. Thanks, thank you very much for being there. It really mattered and I will never forget your support.


Free printable Thank you card Samples

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Honestly tell us won’t this be the most appropriate note expressing your feelings for sympathy thank you card.

This is just a free printable thank you card sample you can create on our website. You will just have to select the right one, add on your personal thank you text, download and print them. Many of our visitors send us mails telling us:

"You people never fall short of ideas"


"When ever I open your website I find new and unique additions"


"We love your designs and your wordings always touch my heart"


We are not boasting, it us just that they are our inspiration and will always strive us to outperform our work. We offer solution to all your needs a little effort from your side and a little privilege from ours brings an appropriate solution.

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