Thanksgiving Invitations Wording Verse

Unique Thanksgiving Invitations Wording Verse

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My close friend Clifton still remembers the Thanksgiving Day party he hosted last November. He had planned for it all, particularly the thanksgiving dinner, days in advance.

He knew he had to arrange for turkey, quite a few of the locally available fall vegetables, especially, potatoes, pumpkin and so on, which are usually an essential part of the dinner on Thanksgiving Day.

While thinking through all the details, Clifton did not have a clue as to where he could go and get Thanksgiving invitation wording verses, because without them he was afraid the event itself might end up as a non-event.

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It was not at all a surprise that Clifton mentioned 4N.invite in recognition of its contribution to the success of his Thanksgiving Day party that he hosted last year.

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Join us for the thanksgiving ceremony,
For love, care, and mutual harmony!

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