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Toy story was one of the favorite movies of my ten year old son.

We had a DVD of the movie and at one point of time, my wife had to play the movie to make him have his dinner.

He was so fond of the characters in the movie and so we decided to base his tenth birthday party on the Toy Story theme. First of all, we wanted to send Toy story birthday invitations to set the mood for the party. We knew that the theme would really excite the kids and help them have a great time.

But the problem was, I had never seen the movie, although my wife had seen it probably thousands of times trying to feed my son. So I prepared for the party by first watching the movie and getting acquainted with the characters.

I immediately felt sorry that I did not watch it earlier. It was a great movie and I too fell in love with the characters. My zeal to base the birthday party on this theme really went sky high I now wanted to do all that I can to make the party reflect the theme authentically.

So I came to this site to print invitations to send to all my son’s friends. The site really helped us to create very authentic looking Toy story birthday invitations. The site had very good themed cards and we could further customize them with our own pictures and wordings.

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And of the actual party, we bought dolls of all the characters in the movie and used them to decorate the venue. We also got a few large posters of the characters to enhance the look and feel of the theme. Needless to say, all the guests had a great time. And our son really had the time of his life.

Enthusiastic father

Bob Stephens, WA

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