Twin Birthday Invitations

A novel way to make Twin birthday invitations

My wife and I were blessed with twins last year.

For the first birthday of our twin girls, we wanted to have a great party and invite all our friends and relatives.

People have a special fascination for twins and we wanted to make the theme of the birthday centered around twins as well. So everything we chose for the party depicted something to do with pairs.

The balloons, the decorations and the entire theme of the birthday reflected the twin aspect. Even the cake we ordered for the party was a double round cake made with two round cakes joined at the centre. We also decided to send twin birthday invitations for the occasion to all our friends and relatives.

I was not sure about how to implement this theme in the birthday invitations, until I came across this site. After all, this was the first birthday we were celebrating for our girls. This site had a number of birthday invitation cards just for twins.

I was able to get a lot of ideas and inspiration from this site to design my own twin invitations for the evening. So I chose the basic template on the site and developed further to customize the cards according to my own tastes and requirement.

I chose a color scheme that closely matched the dresses we had chosen for our twin girls. I wanted to have their pictures on the front of the card as well, but was not sure whether the site would allow me to have my own pictures. Fortunately, the site allowed me to upload pictures from my computer and have them printed on the front of the cards. I also chose my own wording for the twin birthday invitations that I sent out to all our friends and relatives for this first birthday of our little twin girls.

Blessed father

Dan Judson, NY

twin birthday party invitation example

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