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Are you celebrating your kid’s birthday using the art theme, as your child is a budding artist?

If you are, you have landed at the right place for unique art party invitations wording verses.

You will not only find here impressive ideas for unique art party invitations wording verses, but also get a free downloadable invitation, which comes with its template to enable you to print the invitation quite effortlessly.

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Your child’s fertile artistic imagination needs a wonderful birthday celebration. You would perhaps like to help him exhibit his artistic talents for the first time in his life. Announce through fixing a hand-painted banner at the entrance about the art exhibition of your child, with details about the venue and timings. It can also be just a painted message according a warm welcome to your incoming guests.

Perhaps, an easel with a welcome message may also do equally well. There can be a few art stations allocated for the children to get involved in the production or creation of their artwork. You may have to provide the required art material, crayons, paints, brushes, paper, scissors etc. Ensure that the children have aprons to protect their party dresses from the colors or paints they use.

At the end of the painting activity, you can have an appreciation or evaluation session that boosts every child’s sense of pride in the work done. Think of various food items that the children love to eat. It is the same with the drinks or beverages.

For your art party to be successful, your planning should begin with the selection of a unique art party invitations wording verse.

Art and party will go along together,
Join us for the joy and congenial weather!

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