Unique Farewell Party Invitations Wording Verse

Find Here Unique Farewell Party Invitations Wording Verse

When my friend James announced that he was going away to Atlanta, Georgia, in order to take up his new job there, all his relatives and friends decided to give him a memorable farewell.

After all, for more than a decade, he occupied a prominent place in most of their everyday lives in San Jose, California.

How can they now let him go away without arranging a farewell party in his honor?

They nominated a group of four from among themselves and entrusted to them the task of making all the arrangements. Robert had the job of finding a suitable farewell party invitation design and a proper wording verse to go with it. The advice given to him was that both the invitation and the wording should come cheap.

The other three of the group had to fix the venue, look after the arrangements for food and entertainment. They had also to select a very appropriate memento that was to be presented to the guest of honor, James.

Robert looked all over for cheap farewell party invitations. While browsing various websites offering party invitations, he landed here. To his utter surprise, he could find here a very good and free printable farewell party invitation. The other three in the group approved his selection for two reasons: it was better than most other similar invitations they had seen earlier and it was free.

At the fag end of the party, when they handed James the memento wrapped in a gift pack, the assembled guests urged him to open the pack and see for himself what it had in it. They all clapped when he discovered in it a vintage wine bottle, which was of his favorite brand.

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Before bidding ‘good bye’, ‘bon voyage’ and such other words of farewell accompanied by hugging and shaking hands, James complimented Robert on one of the excellent farewell party invitations selected for the occasion.

It is the time to leave and move ahead,
Let’s enjoy and share our love, before the last word be said!

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