Unique Ideas For 70th Birthday Invitations

Unique Ideas For 70th Birthday Invitations- Birthday Cards To Celebrate Special Age Markers

My grandfather slowly approached the grand old age of 70 as I decided to utilize unique ideas for 70th birthday invitations and throw a big birthday bash in his honor.

He was extremely young and childlike in his heart so I needed a template that could capture the simplicity of emotions and my feelings.

Looking around through various websites helped me find a design that fitted in with the spirit of the occasion.

The birthday cards to celebrate ageing gracefully had room for personal touches and customizations as per my choice. They were also printable which meant that I could print enough copies to invite friends and relatives without wasting any addition time.

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I used some clipart markers to give it a childlike feel and included a verse that talked about how old age meant getting younger in the heart. The online websites were a great help as I could create a professional card within a short period.

The website FreeFunnyEmailCards.com had a large variety of themes that gave me unique ideas for 70th birthday invitations and helped me to complete my card.

Jason Cooper, MN

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