Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording Verse

Unique Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording Verse

Whether you are celebrating the very first, silver, golden, or some other wedding anniversary, which may be really special, what you need is excellent ideas for wedding invitation wording verses. They should be creative verses and of course, not be taxing your purse, that is, inexpensive or cheap invitations.

They should also mention the main events of the celebration in which the invitees are to take part, for example dinner, followed by dance, and other things that mark the occasion. A friend of mine, Celia, celebrated her 13th wedding anniversary recently. She was a little apprehensive about the unlucky number being an influence on the anniversary party.

That is why she took more than usual care in everything, from choosing the appropriate wedding anniversary invitation wording verses to the end of the party, when her guests express their good wishes, shake hands and leave.

However, as soon as the party began, there was a minor mishap when her husband dropped a wine glass, messing up the carpet a bit.

Celia thought that that mishap was just the signal for more undesirable things that may come to pass and spoil her party. Luckily, though, nothing of the sort happened.

The guests enjoyed themselves at the sumptuous dinner. Later, all the young and old couples danced to a popular piece of recorded music. At the end of it all, while they left, no one even remembered the small incident involving her husband.

Celia was happy that although she searched everywhere for good wedding anniversary invitation wording verses, almost every one liked the one she had selected for the occasion.

We invite our loved ones for the moments,
That united us with the blessing of love and joy.

wedding anniversary invitation

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