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We prepare an anticipated guest list for invitations at weddings. Wait!

Don’t tear it off after writing down the invitations as you will require the same data for sending your thank you greetings as well. Yes, we expect you to grasp how imperative it is to send thank you notes after your wedding ceremony.

Of all your invitees, close family attended the event probably because they love you, but your friends and few acquaintances attended the wedding just to share your joy and moment.

They came all the way to bless you and not to forget brought lovely presents for your new life. Come on! Freeze those blessings with appreciation so they don’t loosen up. Perhaps sending a thank you greeting is the most suitable action to pursue.

We understand writing a personal thank you note to each and every guest is indeed annoying and lingering. You can find an appropriate solution at 4N-invite as our website offers a unique collection of free printable wedding cards.

Our designers design these greetings with care so they appear unique amongst other websites. You can simply select the design to your taste; find an appropriate wedding verse and few personal lines to thank them. Now you are ready to download these cards and address them to your guest.

We suggest that you add few special lines to close friends about the presents or may be your experience about new married life. The special mention of present and words from you will make your friends feel close to you and they would be glad that they were part of your special moment in life.

It only takes a couple of actions to draw people closer and push them away from each other. A startling combination of your warm action and our greeting cards will leave your friends admiring your taste and reviving your ceremony.

What are you thinking about? Hurry up! Before it’s too late select one, add a text and your free printable wedding thank you cards are ready.

printable wedding thank you cards

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