Word Brain Teasers

The benefit and fun of the word brain teasers

At one point in the life, everyone has solved at least one brain teaser or heard one.

For most of the persons, the memories of these brain games date back in the childhood and were most probably said by the grandparents. However, brain teasers are not only a good way to entertain kids and encourage them thinking, they are great brain stimuli for grown ups as well.

The word brain teasers are usually preferred by adults because these are great ways to spend the time when waiting for someone or during a trip. What is so great about these teasers is that they not only improve the logical thinking, but they also enrich the vocabulary.

For example, when solving crosswords people often search for an answer in the dictionary to make sure that they write in the right word. And besides that, it is proved that people spending some time daily developing their logical thinking through these fun games are also capable of making the right decisions in a shorter time span than the people that find crosswords or riddles a waste of time.

Now that we know the theoretical side of the benefit of the word brain teasers, let’s see how you can deal with few simple riddles and teasers. (You will find the answer at the end of the article)

1. Two mothers and two daughters went shopping. Each person bought a red blouse, but there were only three red blouses in all. How is that possible?

2. A cowboy rides in Texas on Monday, stays in town with business for two days and rides out of Texas on Monday. How is that possible?

3. On our planet, today is always after yesterday. Where in the Universe does yesterday always follow today? You see? Brain teasers are not just for kids, they can be extremely challenging and fun for grown ups as well. So here are the answers:

1- A grandmother, a mother and the daughter go shopping. Because of the fact that the grandmother is also the mother’s mother, 2 daughters and 2 mothers go shopping, but only three persons.

2- The reason why the cowboy can ride back into the Wild West on Monday is because his horse’s name is Monday!

3- In the dictionary, today is always before yesterday!

Did you get a little bit excited about these fun brain fitness games? You only have to win if you spend some time on regular basis trying to find the answers to the captivating word brain teasers!

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