Wording Of 1st Birthday Invitations

Wording Of 1st Birthday Invitations- Celebratory Verses For Toddler Birthdays

My nephew just turned one as I started to look around for wording of 1st birthday invitations to put on his card.

He was too young to understand anything but I wanted something special so he could look at the card template when he was older and realize how much he was loved and pampered.

The first step involved finding the right design from the various websites on the internet.

Once I had made the necessary changes and added some pictures of my own, I had a printable card ready that just needed proper celebratory verses for toddler birthdays to complete the final look.

I kept going through my online resources until I came upon a special verse that was just right for the occasion. It was emotional and spoke of love in the sweetest way. After a slight modification to include his name in the verse, I completed the card much before time. The website that helped me create the invitation was 4n-invite.com that had a long list of wording of 1st birthday invitations that covered all the aspects of such a special event.

Michelle Stewart, ID

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